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Ridin' with Willy Season 1

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Nashville... Music City USA

Nashville is a wonderful place! A huge gathering of tourists, original natives and musical migrants chasing career dreams. The Music City RideShare industry caters to a wide range of users on every economic and social level.

The Ridin' with Willy podcast gives anyone wanting to visit Nashville the opportunity to eavesdrop on a variety of conversations... As if you're sitting in a restaurant or bar and over hearing the conversation next to you. Each recorded candidly.

The objective was to offer 6 segments per episode, keeping each podcast 30 minutes in length. This wasn't always an easy editing task considering the depth and travel time during these trips. It was however a priority consideration... meant to keep listeners engaged and drawn in to the stories.

The passengers and their conversations cover a wide range of topics and reasons for visiting or living in Nashville. Bartenders, servers, bachorletts, bachelors, tourists, business executives, medical professionals, singers, songwriters, musicians, actors and so many more.

It's important to note that in every single interview in this podcast, the subjects have given permission for their conversations to be published!

1000's of miles and countless hours went in to producing Ridin' with Willy... "A Nashville be careful what you share in a RideShare reality podcast!" The goal of our first 22 episodic season has been completed!

Special thanks to... R.K Brown, world class bassist, musician and producer for his clever theme song heard at the beginning of each episode. Also for his funky bass riff segues heard throughout season 1.

Thanks also to Jody Worrell an extraordinary musician and veteran of the Atlanta music scene who provided a variety of guitar licks used in the segues.

Our humble thanks to the passengers who when given the reveal... "That's a microphone and this is a reality podcast" graciously allowed us to share their conversations!

To the folks who gave us the "I'm Ridin' with Willy" shout outs that promoted the podcast we thank you as well.

To those who didn't make any of the episodes, we're sorry that we just weren't able to make them all fit... thank you too!

And last but not least, to the listeners who tuned in and subscribed, shared the podcast...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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